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MYANMAR: ODA shrinks post-Nargis   [Review] [Poll]  - Overseas development assistance (ODA) to Myanmar has dropped to pre-Cyclone Nargis levels, leaving millions needing food, shelter, health and education, warn aid agencies.
Redirect Script with JavaScript   [Review] [Poll]  - Local Base NGO
Amazon.com: The Practice And Other Stories: Books   [Review] [Poll]  - Amazon.com: The Practice And Other Stories: Books by Jack Markowitz
Rational Idealism   [Review] [Poll]  - Are our emotions irrational? The essays of Rational Idealism conclude otherwise, and explain why life is probably an eternal democracy.
Psymbols- Logos for the Mind   [Review] [Poll]  - Psymbols are collection of graphic illustrations and verbal commentaries that describe over sixty dimenstions of the human condition.


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