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Japan disaster likely to be world's cost   [Review] [Poll]  - Japan's government said the cost of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northeast could reach $309 billion, making it the world's most expensive natural disaster on record.
Anxiety in Tokyo over radiation in tap w   [Review] [Poll]  - Workers loaded trucks with boxes of bottled water to distribute across the city Thursday after residents cleared store shelves following warnings that Tokyo's tap water had elevated radiation coming f
Huge Japan quake causes tsunami, fires,   [Review] [Poll]  - Tokyo Electric Shuts Reactors, Reports Blackouts After 8.8-Magnitude Quake
Major tsunami damage in N Japan after 8.   [Review] [Poll]  - TOKYO
東北で震度7&#   [Review] [Poll]  - 11日午後2時46分ごろ、三陸沖を震源とする地震があり、宮城県北
東京・九段会&#   [Review] [Poll]  - 東京消防庁によると、11日午後3時15分ごろ、東京都千代田区九段


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Earthquake, Japan, 2011, 日本、地震、大地震、仙台、東京

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